All about Crochet

I have taken up the craft of crocheting as one of the relaxing activities of my days. And I have found it very rewarding. I had half-heartedly started to learn to crochet as a child, but I never had the patience to really learn. So once I finished school and saw the things that my sister created, I wanted to learn again.

Well, I bought a crochet book, "Afghans for All Seasons", full of afghan patterns for my sister. Needless to say, as I looked at it more and more, I decided to try one of the patterns and being naive of the complexity of patterns choose one of the most difficult patterns. Well, I learn to crochet and finished that afghan after 2 years (took a year off to finish school so it really only took 1 year) in November 1998. My first project. When my sister came back home from her "work term" to continue school, she had bought the exact same book for herself. So now the book is mine, and I've become a crochet-aholic if you ask my family.

You can see some pictures of some of the items that I made in my Crochet Albums.

I have one project that is half done (and probably won't be for a while since it has been put aside), which is a table runner in thread. I am currently working on the blanket for Anna, and a bolero for myself.

It seems that once I learned to crochet, there is nothing that can stop me. :)

I've also met a great bunch of people on the Creative Members Corner mailing list. If you love to crochet, I invite you to join us at Creative Members Corner.

I also have many crochet pattern links and craft links which are some-what organized, and my own simple patterns. Items made with my graphs.

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